A self-storage locker at a major commercial self-storage facility. It's a simple concrete room about 2 meters on each side and only a little taller, it is located at the far end of a corridor and seems to have been rarely visited.*The first thing visible as you open the door is: a hastily written note, in childish or shaken handwriting, which reads: "Bill betrayed us. John is in Mendota, not expected to recover. Jill is dead. Hank is dead. Jason is missing. I have swapped through 5 bodies, taken "Self Ward" notes, the beacon and my share of goods. Don't look for me. B--"

  • A large wooden box with the words "In Case of Emergency Only!" scrawled on its top. (It is now empty).
  • 1 Prybar
  • 10 bottles of cheap vodka
  • 1 maglight and 6x D cell batteries.
  • An extremely old black bound book with a plain cover called the "Malleus Malfactorum" (Trans: The Witches Hammer" a "witch-hunting" handbook) written entirely in Latin with helpful Greek annotations.
  • A book, missing its cover and title page, which details a 1934 attempt to overthrow the United States government in order to install a fascist dictatorship.
  • King James edition of The Bible. Bound in black leather with gilt pages. The cover looks worn, and the cover has been cut open at the back, and something was stored between the cover and the binding. Compact about 6"x 4"x1". Printed by Geo. Eyre and Wm. Spottiswoode in London in 1810.
  • A black holdall. Contains a (clean) MAC-10 sub-machine gun, two spare magazines, a box of ammo, and a pair of worn leather gloves.
  • Six Glock 18 .40 pistols, twelve fully-loaded magazines, and a half-dozen shoulder holsters, all contained in fresh butcher paper and hastily wrapped in white electrical tape.
  • An MP5 submachinegun - no ammunition.
  • A document box containing files from the office of a prominent local psychiatrist. All files relate to patients with fixed delusions concerning occult or supernatural occurrences.
  • Ten out of a pack of a twelve spiral bound notebooks (blank)