Season 1 Casefiles:

The Switchtrack Alley Mystery [Case Closed - No activity has been reported since the team regrouped]

The Gas station robbery [Case Closed - But see "Blur" for further follow-up]

The Kays Jewelry robbery [Case Closed - Successful Arrests]

Westridge Highschool gymnasium [Case Closed - Building Destroyed - but see "Federal Involvement" for follow-up]

The Nineveh Codex[Closed - Perpetrator Missing presumed dead]

The Meadow House Ghost Fires - [Cold Case - No further activity has been reported.]

Bum Fights in Pelam Meadows - [Case Closed - Perpetrators arrested]

The Green Circle in the Basement - [Cold Case - Inhabitents dead, circle inactive, no further leads]

The Maxime Gordon Murders - [Cold Case - Maxime Gordon was apparently falsly accused when she was executed and her grave desecrated, although see the The Nineveh Codex for further details]

Midway City History - [Active - Although see "The City War"]

Hassanammo Spirituality - [Active - Although see "The City War"]

The Crimson Dossier - [Active]

Season 2 Casefiles:

The Crimson Dossier - Active

The Blurs - Active

Federal Involvement - Active

The City War - Active

The Missing Wife - Active

Missing Persons in the docklands - Active

Animal attacks on Children - Active

Wayside Hospital a facility owned by Allegra Medical (Subsiduary of Cheiron Group Ltd)

Persons of special Interest: