The handbooks have no corporate insignia, no names of authors, no ISBN numbers.
Cheiron Group Manual

It does mention EEC Council Directive (67/548/EEC) [The EEC stands for the European Economic Community - which has been defunct since 2009 when it was replaced by the Lisbon treaty]. Put simply, it instructs companies to avoid exposure of the public to dangerous substances and to obtain special instructions before using them. It lists a number of “non-human resources”

  • Haemovores
    • Harmed by Sunlight
    • Susceptible to sensory overload particularly olfactory
    • Physically strong and tough
    • Show up as indistinct in mirrors, photos and films.
    • Some do not have the sunlight vulnerability.
    • They have either prolonged canines or a large mouth full of teeth.
    • Some only consume blood, others also eat flesh.
    • Stake to the heart must be largely carbon and has a 12% effectiveness of immobilisation.
    • Moderate Value target if still animate
    • Low value target if dead.
  • Theriomorphs
    • Capable of changing shape, many shapes observed. Can split into large swarms.
    • Physically strong, some very fast
    • Often Capable of rapid regeneration
    • Capable of teleportation
    • Sometimes Vulnerable to silver. Sometimes to other metals.
    • Moderate value if alive.
    • Low value target if dead
  • Psychics/Ceremonialists
    • A variety of unknown and unpredictable abilities.
    • Detection is very difficult and so care should be taken to ensure against false-possitives.
    • High Value target if persuaded to assist
    • Mid-Value target if taken against their will
    • No value if dead (we've checked, they are just like everybody else biologically)
  • Necrotics
    • Easily restrained if proper equipment is used. Warning may carry contagious pathogens. Abnormal strength possible.
    • Low value Targets
  • Non-Corporeals
    • No known method of capturing these
    • Avoid if possible
    • Low value due to lack of extractable resources.
  • Quarterly Targets: Teams must score a minimum of 6 points worth of targets barring exceptional circumstances such as injury in the line of duty. Failure to meet minimum targets will trigger an automatic HR interview and ay result in redeployment. To qualify for the quarterly bonus scheme you must score at least 12 points, with higher scores increasing the value of the bonus on a pro-rata basis.
    • 6 points for a high value target
    • 2 points for a mid-value target
    • 1 point for a low value target