The Shaman knows of three worlds,

The Inner World - This is the unseen realm of unmanifest potential, higher knowledge, and enlightenment. This is the domain of gods, goddesses, and evolved teachers. is the place which holds the blueprints to all reality and is the origin of the Middle World. Its many realms are pure and unsulied reflections of this one where one ideal holds sway. Most myths describe 5 lands in the inner world, each encompassing a truth about existence(The land of torment in which clarity is found, the land of vitality in which purpous is located, the land of death in which wisdom is gained, the land of stories in which understanding is reached and the land of perfection in which tranquility is attained). They can only be reached by the most profound and dedicated souls, but their influence touches everything in the world (Suffering, life, death, consequence and joy respectively). According to Lakota shaman Nick Black Elk: "This is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that world."

The Middle World - This is the world in which people dwell and encompasses the entire universe. Although some inhabitants of the Inner and outer realms also migrate here.

The Outer World is an reflection of the Middle world, the realm of animal spirits, spirit guides, and the dead; the place to which human spirits travel upon physical death. It is the place of tests and challenges, but also the realm of power where guardian ancestors, Totems, confused ghosts and enigmatic spirits are encountered. A spirit journey to the Outer World is generally undertaken at grave risk to seek the help and guidance of an animal spirit, to recover lost power, or to find and return a sick person's wandering spirit. There is risk because Spirits and small gods are fickle and often do not understand humans.

These three worlds are seperate and must remain so, for imbalance is harmful to all three and its symptoms are easy to see.

Death, sickness and madness opens people up to the Outer World and exposure to the outer world without proper protection causes death, sickness and madness as spirits can find their way into weakened souls to work their mischief.

Likewise the Inner world is so much more real than this one, that to experience them unprepared is to give up this pale existence forever and those who are detatched from worldly things find it easier to form a connection with the Inner Worlds.

The Hassanamisco believe that certain spirits share an affinity for mankind and through careful appeasement and bargaining, they can persuade the spirits to intervene in the world to grant wisdom and influence the world. The Sprits they deal with are those most connected with mankind: Raven, Coyote, Eagle,