The team was called to an appartment block where a woman was reported missing.

After being let in by the building supervisor they went upstairs and a cursory examination of her room indicated that the woman was a smoker (but that the building regulations prohibited smoking in the room). They discovered her asleep and apparently suffering from exposure on the roof (which had a door that closed on a latch and trapped her up there).

She woke up and screamed briefly, shouting that she didn't do it. Before the officers called an ambulance for her.

The officers gathered on the roof and wedged open the door only to begin noticing something odd about their surroundings. A slightly different sky-line, their radios stopped working and the slowly gathering smell of burning wood.

A few moments later the signs that the building was burning became more evident and a figure draped in a wet blanket emerged onto the roof seeking a way out. However this roof had no fire escape (although they had seen just such a fire escape on the exterior of the building when they arrived)

The officers searched for a way out. John Bishop was knocked off the roof whilst attempting to prevent the man from fleeing back into the burning building, James Whittle tried to get down to the floor below but also fell and Burl Kane tried to move through the building and down the stairs with the missing person (Emma Weller). However he too sucumbed to the smoke and collapsed unconcious.

They then woke back up on the rooftop, feeling exhausted and drained but otherwise unharmed and fled the scene quickly.