Midway City, MA The city of Midway is the second largest city in the Massachusetts area behind Boston with nearly half a million urban residents and almost another half a million in the surrounding commuter towns. It acts as a major arterial route for freight, shipping (via the De Soto deep river, capable of handling the largest super-tankers) and as a manufacturing centre to Canada and the Northern States. Jokingly referred to as "Chicago North" it's transport links give it a much higher ethnic diversity than the rest of the state. It is the largest non-reservation urban concentration of Native Americans in the United States and the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs has its central offices here.

Midway Ethnicity breakdown

Midway (approx only)

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Notable Landmarks include: Midway University (A well respected institution in technical circles but nowhere near Ivy League. It specialises in Biology, Medicine, History and Native American Studies, but offers courses in most major disciplines), Midway International Airport, the Hassanamisco Cultural Centre and the Midway Broadcast Centre, which broadcasts state-wide.A hub for business the city also contains corporate headquarters for major companies including; Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance (Life Insurance), Raytheon (Defence Contractors), Thermo Fisher Scientific (Scientific instruments, computers and calculators), Paradigm Investments (Finance), Genzyme International (Biotech and pharmaceuticals company), EMC (Computer Peripherals manufacturers) and Staples (Office Supplies)

It is a 2 hour drive to Boston, 3 Hours to New York and 7 Hours to Washington DC even in rush hour (or less on a good day due to the good transport links)

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However the area is being hit harder than most by the recession and is in decline, with an increase in violent crimes as well as narcotics in some areas.

(Maps are based upon Memphis, Tennessee, location is based on Springfield Massachusetts.)

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