After finding the Zip Code in a file in the gymnasium, the team decided to visit the Hassanamisco Cultural Centre which was down town.

The centre was fairly unassuming, containing one of the largest repositories of cultural information and artefacts of Native American culture outside of a reservation, focusing particularly on the cabin-dwelling people of the Mashpee (who were close allies of the Hassanamisco and currently own the island of Nantucket off the Massacheusetts coast and some land on the peninsula), Wampanoag (who inhabit lands held in trust by the American Government on Marthas Vineyard, another island off the Massachesetts coast), Hassanamisco (A tribe that inhabited the land on which Midway now stands) and Agawam peoples (largely exterminated in first contact with European collonists and held land in the area that is currently the city of Boston). It also has refrence to the Narragansett (Native to Rhode Island) and the Nipmoc-Hassanamisco Tribe (Who live on the Chaubunagungamaug Reservation to the East of Midway and are not officially recognised by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as a Tribal Government.) Interestingly Peyote rituals are predominantly a phenomenon of more southern tribes. with tribes local to midway having a greater focus on meditation and asking of riddles (Some of these rituals are similar to the Zen-Buddhist practice of Introspection on Koans, although they are a lot more informal and often involve drinking of alcohol.)

Going back at night the basement was equally unremarkable, however the relica lodge on the top-floor (housing the most impressive and expensive relics) did have some interesting names in the Guest Book.</span>

  • Charlie Middleton (A local historian in his 60's, author of several excellent books about the city.)
  • Conrad O’Malley: (A businessman with alleged, but never proven, links with the Patriarca crime family)
  • Aaron Agawam (A native American man with black ancestry in his 40's, head of the Hassanamisco cultural centre and a Shaman and community leader with a Masters in Native American Cultural Studies.)
  • Moses (An emotionally unstable homeless woman who lives in and around central Midway, Real name Elise Reed, a former Starbucks employee. whose parents died when she was a teenager. The circumstances that led her to the streets however are apparently undocumented)