Burl and Hank's Gun StoreEdit

Precinct 13Edit

Precinct 1

Precinct 1 building

Precinct 1 Edit

A large glass and concerete building, more offices than a station. It has a full gymnasium and shooting range in the basement along with a fully catered restraunt on the second floor. This is also the building from where the comforting, but invisible, voices of Dispatch opperates out of.

The SWAT teams and other less commonly used support teams also base themselves in Precinct 1.

The Hassamanato Spirituality CenterEdit

This largely circular building is somewhere between a museum and a community center. Inside the large circular building are a large number of historical artifacts including an authentic recreation of a 16th Century lodge house created using traditional materials. The Center hosts lessons and ceremonies open to all and is a major tourist location. Although the Hassamanato Tribe are the primary focus of the Center, it supports the history of dozens of tribes from the New England area.

Hassamanato Spirituality Center

Hassamanato Spirituality Center

The Drop BoxesEdit

Box Alpha - A fall-out shelter in the middle of a 10m square vegetable garden

Box Beta - A locker at the Midway central train station

Box Charlie - A self-storage lock-up in the dockland area.