Player Characters and their Descriptions:Edit

Please feel free to add anything you want under your own characters name.

Ade - John Bishop (Canadian, 28, tal dark fit charismatic, pretty boy)

Carly - Sarah Long (early 30's short, but muscular, athletic, short blonde hair, sharp features. Leather wrist watch)

Nick - Sgt.Burl Kane (Tall, muscular, overweight, blonde/grey hair, mustache, some tattoos. Wyoming accent.)

Rob - James Whittle (24, immaculate uniform, physically small, unremarkable, gelled hair, cleaned cut.)

Simon - Daniel Clark Truscott

Chris - Special Agent Stephen Whitaker


  • Rob: "The internet is a kind of database" (When asking for a bonus dice because his computers speciality was databases
  • Nick:"What Nationality are they?" 
  • ST: "They are wearing body armour and carrying SMGs, you can't make it out."
  • Nick: "Ah, Americans"