People involved:Edit

Owner: Robert EllisEdit

Manager of the Midway branch of Kays Jewelry Store (Not yet encountered personally)

The Contact: Thomas WilsonEdit

Whose details were found by interogating Morris Harshman and by tracing back his phone number. HIs rap sheet includes convictions for Fraud and Handling Stolen goods and arrests that did not lead to a conviction for theft and assault.

Morris HarshmanEdit

A white male in his 40's wearing black combats and a mask. Owner and passenger in the pimped out Hum-Vee. Took a bullet wound to the abdomen and the right arm.

Billy DawsonEdit

Skinny white male in his 20’s wearing jeans and a leather jacket. Took a couple of shots to the arms and shoulders followed by the damage of the car crash. As he was the least seriously hurt, he was the one interviewed in the hospital. He negotiated for clemency and handed over the few details he had for "Thomas" the contact who orchestrated the robbery, partially out of vengence for what he saw as a set-up.

The Wallingham FamilyEdit

A middle-class Native American family with 2.4 children coming back from a night at the cinema. Quite shocked to find themselves being taken hostage and grateful to be alive.


Kays Jewelry StoreEdit

Located on the corner of North Cleveland Street and Union Avenue, opposite Midway University Hospital. It is a large popular chain jewelry store with hundreds of branches across the USA.

Kay Jewelers

Midway General Research HospitalEdit

A clean and efficiently run general hospital, with over 800 beds and a full A&E with various specialists and expensive equipment.

Extract From Bishop's Journal:Edit

October 2, 2012Edit

As I sat down with the team, a cup of Joe in one hand and a Dunkin' Donut in the other, I couldn't help but feel a warm glow of satisfaction at a job well done. Ellis broke the law, no doubt about it, but he was a good man at heart and only wanted to help his family. He could've served hard time, but not in this town; not on our watch. Wilson was the real culprit here: a hardened criminal through and through, and he went down.

Today we solved our first big case. Not bad for a group of Patrol Officers from the Night Shift without a shield among us.