The Maxime Gordon Murders:Edit

John Gordon, Jon Gordon Jnr and Emily Gordon were found dead at their residence in the suburbs of Precinct 1.

Sid Routman, the senior investigator of the crime, pieced together the following.

The two children (John Junior and Emily) were killed by poisoning with prescription sleeping drugs (belonging to Maxime to treat for her alleged insomnia). Drug residue was found on the yellow dish washing gloves in the kitchen along with DNA evidence that points to them last being worn by Maxime.

Johnathan Gordon was killed by several blows with an axe to the head and torso.

Maxime has no alibi for her location in the hours leading upto this event. She claims to have gone to see a movie at the time, (but nobody saw her at the theatre she claimed to have visited). She claims that the children were dead when she arrived home and that she was attacked by her husband, but managed to turn the axe on him and killed him in self-defence. However Maximes fingerprints were the only ones found on the murder weapon.

A note was also found at the scene from Johnathan claiming that his wife was a witch who had been controlling himself and his children through magic and expressed fear that they would soon outlive their usefulness to her.

Maxime herself was arrested a short distance from the house in her car. She claimed that in her distress she panicked and did not intend to flee the crime scene.