Switchtrack Alley: People/GroupsEdit

The Switchblade Disciples GangEdit

The Big Head Boyz GangEdit

  • "Mayhem" - The rarely seen leader of the Big Head Boys. Real name unknown.

7th Congregational ChurchEdit

  • Reverend Ishmael Neely
  • Reverend Issiah Neely (deceased)
  • Benjamin “Bennie” Pinnon (Volounteer grounds keeper for the church, now deceased)
  • Mitch (Another Volounteer from the nearby St Michaels Chuch drafted in to look after the 7th Congregational and its nocturnal visitors whilst Rev Neely Senior sleeps.)

Other notable people:Edit

  • Joe Wazowsi (Jewish owner of a Sloppy Joe's diner)
  • Sadik Khan (Pakistani owner of a grocery store)
  • Lucy (Not based in Switchtrack alley but helps run a nearby homeless shelter, a major in 16th century English Literature, helping out at the shelter to bolster her CV)

Switchtrack Alley: PlacesEdit

7th Congregational Church The Church is in the middle of the block on Church Street. Weathered and beaten it has endured despite the urban decay surrounding it.

Sloppy Joes DinnerEdit

Sloppy Joes is a diner just off Church Street in the Switchtrack alley district.

It's an old traditional diner, with a slightly greasy chrome counter and faded red seats in the numerous booths.

Gang members from the Switchblade Disciples and the Big Head Boyz have been known to go and eat there.

The owner Joe Wasowski is an old thin Jewish man who seems quite glad to have some cops in the neighbourhood, especially ones who chase off the gangs and tip generously.


Following a concerted effort and the work of dozens of volounteers the players organised a community clean-up day. Residents of Switchtrack Alley were seen cleaning the blood stain at the site of the Reverends shooting and after John Bishop laid a wreath there, it was joined by a number of anonymous flowers. The gangs did not interfere and Lay-Z was not seen. Since the clean-up the bloodstain has faded away.


List of reported incidents (from Hospital and Police records) linked to Switch-track alley in the last 5 years.
Name (Bold indicates gang involvement) Age Sex Race Profession (at the time of incident) Incident (Bold writing indicates a fatality) Time (approx) Date Notes
Thomas "T-Bone" Andrus 17 Male Black Gas station worker Gunshot Wound (non-fatal) Evening (1800-2200) 14/10/07 member of the Big Head Boyz gang
Ralph "Fishsticks" Fish 19 Male Black Unemployed Stab Wound (fatal) Evening (1800-2200) 17/11/07 member of the Big Head Boyz gang
Fran “Freaky Fran” Rivera 16 Female White McDonalds (Part time) Raped and face slashed (non-fatal) Early Morning (0200-0600) 01/03/08 Member of the Vamphill Kings Gang
Cohowa Smith 34 Male Black Retail Owner 20% burns due to arson Afternoon(1400-1800) 25/06/08
Hsin Chao 21 Male Asian University Student stabbed fatally, body doused in acid post mortem Evening (1800-2200) 01/07/08 Possibly a racist attack?
Frank Cox 39 Male White Pawn Shop Owner Multiple fatal stab wounds Evening (1800-2200) 17/08/08 Believed to be a victim of robbery outside his shop
Lewis "Nines" Valenzuela 26 Male Hispanic Warehouse worker Heavy bludgeoning injuries, non-fatal Night (2200-0200) 10/01/09 Member of Los Solidos Nation
Joyce Tolley 23 Female White Youth Worker Slashed with a straight blade Early Morning (0200-0600) 05/04/09 Switchblade Disciples may have been responsible
Kerry Harris 22 Male N. Ameri Unemployed Car crash, possibly driven off the road. Afternoon(1400-1800) 11/06/09 Member of the FSU gang (Which stands for Friends Stand United or Fuck Shit Up)
Benjamin “Bennie” Pinnon 78 Male Black Retired – Grounds keeper Single blunt strike to the back of his head. Evening (1800-2200) 06/09/09
Rev. Isaiah Neely 30 Male Black Local Priest Shot in the back, slashed and bludgeoned to death Unknown 07/09/09 Not reported at the time, body was discovered the next day.
Lazarus "Lay-Z" Toomes 32 Male White Unemployed Hit by a Semi truck and both legs crippled. Night (2200-0200) 07/09/10 Career criminal, Imprisoned for 10 years, but released in 8 for drug trafficking, Believed to be the Leader of the Switchblade Disciples Gang (Truck hit three of the gang)
Lucy “Lulu” Smith 25 Female White Unknown Hit by a Semi truck and killed Night (2200-0200) 07/09/10 Suspected Member of the Switchblade Disciples Gang (Truck hit three of the gang)
John “Little John” Bryant 21 Male White Bouncer Hit by a Semi truck and killed Night (2200-0200) 07/09/10 Suspected Member of the Switchblade Disciples Gang (Truck hit three of the gang)
Samuel Cooke 27 Male Hispanic Unemployed Suicide by gun Early Morning (0200-0600) 07/04/11 Suspected Drug Dealer associated with the Switchblade Disciples (Fatal fall into traffic from a street light)
Terra Basso 18 Female White School Bus Driver Electrocuted on a light fitting Evening (1800-2200) 03/05/11
David Allen 40 Male White Care assistant Struck by car, broke his right leg. Mid-day (1000-1400) 08/08/11
Evelyn Thomas 24 Female Black Office Administrator Ran into Traffic and struck twice, non-fatal Evening (1800-2200) 15/08/11
Mark Odom 41 Male White Reporter – Midway Tribune fell from a rooftop, died on scene Early Morning (0200-0600) 05/10/11
Jamie “Big Henry” Henry 27 Male Black Unemployed Fell down a man-hole, causing head injury Night (2200-0200) 09/12/11 Suspected Member of the Switchblade Disciples Gang
Donna Clark 38 Female White Copy Editor died jumping through a plate glass window Mid-day (1000-1400) 07/01/12
Robert Mesa 52 Male White Garbage man Killed when a truck reversed over him Evening (1800-2200) 21/03/12 Believed to be a member of an unidentified gang
Megan “Magnum” Smith 17 Female White Unemployed Stabbed non-fatally Night (2200-0200) 14/04/12 Suspected Member of the Switchblade Disciples Gang
Teresa Smith 22 Female N. Ameri University Student Car crash at high speed across red lights. Evening (1800-2200) 24/06/12
Ron Griffiths 43 Male White Mortgage Underwriter Drove at full speed into a wall. Evening (1800-2200) 06/07/12
William Tijerina 21 Male Hispanic Unemployed Fatally shot, 9mm close range Night (2200-0200) 16/08/12 Possible link to stabbing of Megan Smith, arrested, Member of Los Solidos Nation
Belinda Goodrich 32 Female Black Recruitment Consultant Gas explosion in her home Early Morning (0200-0600) 14/08/12
John Doe 30's Male White Homeless Walked into the path of a car Night (2200-0200) 12/01/13 Was drunk at the time.

Memo From Bishop re. Operation Scumbag RoundupEdit