Situation: Edit

Chased suspicious character into abandoned building project. The building was fenced, sealed, and carried rad-hazard notices (unusual for a gym). It also had a high spec alarm system.

The perpetrator was tracked to a room where he was found suffering from severe compression. Other anomalies were noted such as invisible force field in the corner of another room, and an odd depression in the main gym area.

Scientific equipment was present, along with a weapons stash, papers, and signs of violence or injury (blood).

The alarm was triggered and FEDS arrived very quickly and hurriedly examined the gym and locked it down. It was then demolished and covered with concrete.

The FBI operation was very hurried, and not thorough.

Burl thinks that there is something slightly half-aed about the FEDS about their operation - maybe it is poorly resourced, or 'stretched' in some way, or under pressure elsewhere.

Evidence Collected:Edit

Super 8 film of Nazi UFO-guys Zip codes, including some annotated - these have been passed to the intelligent analists for processing.

Native Americn cultural centre - Charley Middleton (historian)

Moses - knows things - crazy homeless lady who thinks we should 'do our jobs' and 'we would know them whem we see them' - possibly Eliza Reed - listed missing 1997 (15 ybp) by co-workers at Starbucks

O'Malley - crime boss

Lodge full of Native American Bollox - plus symbols & shit